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To be a successful day trader, you need the best day trading software. There are alot of different software packages for day traders, most offering some interesting tools & features. To achieve your best, it is generally accepted that you need to fork out hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to buy day trading software. This is not always true, however, as much of the information you need can be received for free (like free stock quotes, for example). Although, the most popular, widely used products are expensive (compared to normal software prices).

Some of the most popular day trading software are:

· MetaStock - "If you are a real-time trader, you will love the “cutting edge” charting and analysis power of MetaStock Pro 8.0. You get charts by the day, hour, minute or tick – and all the real-time analysis capabilities that go with it!"

· Trading Expert Pro - "This system will cost you $59.50 (less than a nice dinner out) for a try-it-at-no-risk, 100% refundable guaranteed system that you will understand immediately and that you can use without a computer. If you feel that's too cheap or too expensive then don't waste the time."

· Pit Bull Investor- "TradingExpert Pro has all of this and much much more in a brilliantly easy user-interface. You can take advantage of over 200 built-in trading systems, or you can quickly design, test, and automate any trading idea of your own."

· Commando Stock Trader- "Commando Stock Trader operates effectively in a wide range of markets using the breakthrough Pattern Recognition Technology originally developed for the highly acclaimed Commando futures trading system. Commando's trading techniques can be applied to price charts from inexpensive Internet data sources as well as the proprietary platforms (TradeStation, SuperCharts, ProSuite-2000i and more) used by many professional traders. Internet chart service providers such as, PCQuote and others offer charts for as little as $20 per month. With these inexpensive sources of price information, the Commando trader can trade successfully anywhere."

There are plenty more pieces of investment software for day traders. Due to the large pricetags for many of the software available, it is best to look for the investment software that offer free trials or money back guarantees. That way, you can try before you buy and see if the day trading software suites you.

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